About Us


Agrikey Biyoteknoloji A.Ş. is a member of MDT Denge Tarım Group of Companies. Our company implements R & D activities for all biotechnological product groups in the agricultural business. It, further, produces and exports organic, chemical and biological plant nutrition and protection product groups. Thanks to the Active Cell Exchange Technology (A.C.E. Technology) for which our company has been carrying out R & D studies over the years, we are aiming at nourishing plants faster and more effective than leaves and soil.

The Active Cell Exchange Technology will transfer nutrients to plant cells from the Alga cells existent in the AgriKey products.

This new technology developed by AgriKey Biyoteknoloji is designed to enhance quality and yield and grow stronger and healthier crops.

Our corporation adopts the thought “For the Future”.

For this very objective, our company works to offer more reliable and higher quality products to the future.

Keeping customer’s satisfaction in the forefront, by its studies, our company develops special products for its customers.

With our innovative view in plant nutrition, in collaboration with our customers, we will use our high quality premium products as the path that leads us to the future.


“AgriKey, for the Future..”





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